The Space Between

Between September 2018 and 2019 I spent many months, weeks and hours in a hospital room as my 2 year old grandchild battled leukemia. Everything had changed in our lives and yet the world still turned.  Time became an interminable wait measured by tests, medications, medicos, treatments, x-rays, ultrasounds, results, staff, meals, podcasts, crosswords, darkness and light. One day as I looked out from a hospital window I could see the city far below but became distracted by the frantic buzzing of a fly. It was caught in the tiny gap between the panes of double glazed glass. It could see the world but couldn't go forward and couldn't back. Like the fly I felt trapped in the space between. These works are a response to this time. 


You can read my written response to the same period in Writing and Reflections - The Space Between.